Thank you so much to everyone who voted for The Silent Companions in the WHSmith Thumping Good Read Awards! I’m ecstatic to report that my little book has WON!

Here’s what the prestigious judges had to say:

“I adored this book. It has stayed with me for ages, and I slightly wish it hadn’t. Full of striking imagery, terrifying scenes (the splinters!) and it left me with a really horrible aftertaste (I mean that as a compliment). The final twist made me gasp. Tonally consistent and neatly structured. Really well done.” Jojo Moyes

“The Silent Companions ultimately shone for originality, for the sheer quality of the writing, the characters and some masterly chills. A great ghost story for all seasons. A thumping good read!” Peter James

You will now be able to get the paperback at a huge discount from WHSmith stores and online.

If you would like to read the full article in The Bookseller, please click here.


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